A God of Second Chances

Today’s Text: Jonah 3; Jonah 4

Friends, our God is the God of second chances.

When God delivered Jonah from the mouth of that fish, he traveled to Nineveh as he had promised and the Lord had commanded.   Continue reading “A God of Second Chances”


For My Parents on the 30th Anniversary of Their Marriage

Mom and Dad,

Today you celebrate 30 years of marriage.  How crazy is that?

As you know, I’m not good at talking about my emotions–but when I write about them, that’s an entirely different story.

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Weekly Wrap-up v.4

This week is Spring Break on the campus that I work on–which was fitting because Thursday was also the first day of Spring!  The students have been gone, and the campus has been quiet.  It definitely a time of renewal and refocusing as we prepare to journey toward graduation in May.  I’ve enjoyed the slower pace this week, but I’m definitely ready to move a little faster when our students return.

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Running from God is hard work.

Today’s Text: Jonah 1; Jonah 2

Friends, have you wrestled with something lately?  Did you just want to run away from it and hope you could avoid facing it?  Did it leave you feeling exhausted?

If so, you might know what it was like to be Jonah. Continue reading “Running from God is hard work.”

A Long Weekend

Things I planned to do this weekend:

  • Take Miss V to the vet for her rabies and distemper boosters
  • Help a co-worker move
  • Clean the house/do laundry
  • Go to church/sing in the choir
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Start my intense spring cleaning plans
  • Binge watch “Breaking Bad” on Netflix

Things I actually did this weekend:  Continue reading “A Long Weekend”

Weekly Wrap-up v.3

During Lent, I’ve been working through a devotional with my larger church community called “Beyond Question”.  It’s a quick read each day with scripture, quotes, stories, and thought provoking questions.  Yesterday, I came across a quote that I keep turning over and over in my head. Continue reading “Weekly Wrap-up v.3”

Healing the Sin-Full Soul

Today’s Text: Psalm 38

Friends, we’re a sick bunch.

The world is moving faster and faster each day, and it’s getting easier and easier for us to become distracted from our afflictions.   Continue reading “Healing the Sin-Full Soul”