Life Updates – Reflections on April, May, June, and July

So, I took a break from writing for a bit.  Life got busy and complicated, so I needed to focus on other things.

What things you ask?

Well, I guess the big thing was that I bought a house.  Yep.  As in I now make mortgage payments instead of rent payments.  That whole process was a mess in and of itself–an emotional roller coaster of sorts.

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Reflections on March

You know what I like about March?  March is a month of transitions.  I know transitions are hard for some people, but I’ve grown to love them–well, most of them.   Continue reading “Reflections on March”

Reflections on February

I’ve decided that I want to do some reflections at the end of each month about where I’ve been and where I want to go.  This is the first attempt in that direction.  I’m not sure if I’ll always stick with this format, or even if it’s something that I’ll do every single month, but it’s a start that will hopefully help me to stay focused and not lose sight of my goals. Continue reading “Reflections on February”