About the Girl


Passionate.  Driven.  Flawed.  Confident.  Awkward Dancer.  Bulldog Momma.  Student.  Educator.  Baker.  Confection Creator.  Lover of all things outdoors.  Midwesterner.  Lover of life.  Joyful soul.  Woman of virtue.

IMG_2708-001My name is Angie, and this is a place for me to collect my thoughts.  I think of myself as a deep thinker and an academic.  It can sometimes be hard for me to articulate exactly what I’m thinking in an instant in conversation with others, but I find that I am much better able to shape my thoughts, put them into words, and give them context and meaning when I write.

I was born and raised in Indiana and have never lived outside of the Midwest.  I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree–yes, I love school.  One day I will have a PhD (or two).  Even with all this education, I’m still figuring what I want out of life–and that’s a lot of what you see here.

Right now, I work with college students.  I help them work through conflicts, navigate the “red tape”, figure out what they believe and value, and make decisions that will impact them, their peers, and their families for years to come.  I’m passionate about the work that I do, and I love working in an atmosphere that challenges me to constantly learn and engage with my peers.

I love to bake, and although it isn’t always pretty, it ALWAYS tastes amazing (well, except for my experiment with spiced mango cupcakes–that was a mistake, and we’re not going there ever again).  For a few years, I would bake and decorate cakes for events, but I haven’t done it for a while now.  I love creating things that help people celebrate important moments and milestones, so I hope to do more of this sometime soon.

I’m working on my relationship with God.  I’ve been working to put Him first in my life and exploring what it means to make him my number one.  It isn’t always easy, but each day I learn something new that helps me in my walk to be a woman of virtue.

2014-01-28 22.39.27I adopted Miss V from the French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN) in August of 2013.  V is short for a few different things.  Her name is Vaca (spanish for cow–she looks like a mini cow-dog).  My brother-in-law likes to call her Vodka (because he thinks it’s funny how it sounds so close to Vaca, and she responds to it).  The first weekend I had her, she kept getting mistaken for another dog named Violet.  I sometimes refer to her as “Velco dog” because her favorite place to be is cuddled next to me.  Usually, I just call her “Bug”–short for cuddle-bug.  She’s a fiesty little diva with loads of personality.  She’s gas-y.  She’s boss-y. She’s attitude-y.  She’s snort-y.  She’s won my heart, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

The most recent addition to the pack is Cooper.  He came to us as a five month old puppy from Adopt A Pit Rescue in November of 2014.  I’m excited to get to know him better and watch Miss V learn to embrace him.


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