Simple Things: March 2014

Yellow Daffodil

1st – Day 2 of candidate interviews at OPE…excited about possibilities today!

2nd – Long drive home on salty roads with no windshield washer fluid equals a hot mess.  Picked up Miss V from the boarders!

3rd – And so begins a week of dean on-call…, hospital run with a student

4th – WW meeting today – down 0.4 pounds (total lost = 0.4 pounds), hospital run with a student (a frustrating run at that)

5th – Ash Wednesday Service

6th – Wellness fair at work!  Lots of good info on local health care providers.

7th – Sent out RA offer letters today! Posted my first #SheReadsTruth devotional about Psalm 130.  Dinner with co-workers followed by the stage version of “The Giver” on-campus.

8th – Hospital run with a student.

9th – Daylight saving time began…I will NEVER get used to and/or like this changing clocks business.

10th – Handed off the dean on-call phone!

11th – WW meeting today – down 3 pounds (total lost = 3.4 pounds)

12th – Lent Service/Conversation Table–met someone who looks like he could be my father’s twin!

13th – Redid my entire blog/website – I think it’s neato looking now!

14th – Posted my second #SheReadsTruth devotional about Psalm 38

15th – Helped a co-worker move, took Miss V to get her vaccinations–and then to the emergency vet because she was allergic to them

16th – Lots of sleep and cleaning and checking on Miss V.

17th – First day of spring break!

18th – WW meeting today – down 0.8 pounds (total lost = 4.2 pounds)

19th – Lent service at church.  Wrote some employment agreements for a new student staff position at work.

20th – Set my personal laptop on the ground and later accidentally stepped on it.  The screen is half-cracked.  Need to find someone who can fix it.  😦

21st – Took today off from work (yeah three day weekend!), massive cleaning/purging in the kitchen–it feels so much lighter!

22nd – More house cleaning–this time laundry and cleaning/purging the living room, bathroom, an bedrooms.  Is it bad that I have filled my city trash can less than 48 hours after it was picked up……and I still have more stuff waiting to go in the next load?

23rd – Service project at church today–we packed nearly 16,000 meals for Kids Against Hunger!

24th – Today my parents have been married for 30 years.

25th – WW meeting today – down 2.8 pounds (total lost = 7.0 pounds)

26th –  Long day.  Lots of meetings.  Missed the Lent service at church because I had to run the RA contract signing meeting.

27th – Overall, decently productive day at work.  Miss V was especially cuddly today.

28th – We did a full run through of Lux Aeterna today…definitely found all the places I need to work through in the coming weeks.  Got an email from one of the pastors at my church.  They wrote for my membership transfer letter today.  Sad to be closing one chapter, but excited about the new one.

29th – Rainy day.  Wasn’t able to do a whole lot outside as planned.  Went to feed a co-worker’s cat while he was gone.  Bought some storage containers and did some organizing around the house.

30th – Beautiful day outside.  Opened the windows and doors to air out the house a bit.  Spring is really here!

31st – Productive day overall.  Worked on putting together a search committee and creating some assessments for RAs to complete so I can plan training.


Author: angel[a]

I am a woman with a passion to explore, discover, and create. I currently work in higher education but also have a love for all things music, cooking, and baking. I write about an eclectic mix of things to include my faith, field of work, interests, life events, etc.

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