A Song of Confession, A Song of Love


Text: Psalm 130

Friends, I know people with a whole lot more training than me in the Word say this is a song of confession, of penitence.  I see it.  I do.  But I also see something else.  You see friends, to me, this is a song of love – the kind of love that only a parent can have for the their child, a creator for His creation.  

At first glance, you might not see it.  The psalmist only uses the word “love” once, but it’s presence can be found in each stroke of his pen.  Take a second and read it if you haven’t.  Do you see it yet?  Let me show you what I see.

You see, alone there is nothing good in us – nothing worth anything.  We know this.  We cry out for help.  We plead for mercy.  Our brokenness and sinfulness is such that should the Lord acknowledge any of it, none of us would be worthy of standing in His presence for even a second.

So what do we do?  We wait.  We hope.  We remain steadfast in our devotions.  We love in the only ways we know how.  We confess our shortcomings, and we ask for forgiveness.  We cling to Him as he pulls us from the depths of our unworthiness.  He loves us in our broken places, and He heals us if we let Him.

When things crush our souls and obstacles clutter our paths, we wait.
We wait because we know He will restore us and guide our steps.

When we feel there is no good left us or in the world around us, we wait.
We wait because we know He will redeem us.

When it gets harder and harder to stand after each fall, we wait.
We wait because we know He will be there to lift us up.

During this Lenten season, remember this.  Hold fast to this.  Wait for this.

His perfect grace and love will overcome any transgression of our undeserving souls. When we are unworthy, He loves us for no reason other than we are His.

Yes friends, this is a song of love.


This post was written as an exercise for #SheReadsTruth, an online community of women spending time together each day in the Word.  During the season of Lent, the community is being challenged to spend time researching and reflecting on specific text that will culminate weekly with a devotional shared with the entire community to supplement the Lenten devotionals prepared by the #SheReadsTruth team.


Author: angel[a]

I am a woman with a passion to explore, discover, and create. I currently work in higher education but also have a love for all things music, cooking, and baking. I write about an eclectic mix of things to include my faith, field of work, interests, life events, etc.

7 thoughts on “A Song of Confession, A Song of Love”

  1. You have a lovely way of writing. Thank you for sharing your heart it is amazing how God speaks to us of so many things from one passage. It is so important we learn to wait, to trust and to know the fathers love will never fail! Amen!

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  2. Yes! So good! Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts on this Psalm! I’m seeing His redemption and restoration in my life right now and this passage hit me hard this morning!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing! I love the way you broke down the verse and revealed to us the message God gave you. God’s love is beyond comprehension, no one loves the way he does. Glory to God! Thanks for sharing.

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